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CASIS, CENTHRA & Atlantic Council Conference



The human rights discourse (HRD) that emerges in the middle of the 20th century, from a liberal political theoretical intellectual heritage, has become a lens and paradigm by which many different communities around the world have viewed progress or lack thereof. This is no less true within Muslim communities around the world, which possess their own intellectual heritage when it pertains to defining the rights and responsibilities of individuals, and a worldview that underpins that.

The purpose of this conference is to have a fruitful conversation around what engagements can or do take place between those two intellectual universes: the human rights discourse, as arising from liberal political theory in the 20thcentury; and the Islamic tradition, rooted within its own epistemological paradigm.

This conference seeks to raise questions, and not necessarily come to final answers. Through engaging with academics, practitioners and scholars, we hope to have to a fruitful discussion around different issues pertaining to this over all theme. In particular we hope to focus on issues arising from the experience in the Nusantara, a region that is often overlooked when it comes to this particular topic.

The conference will be held under Chatham House rules, and will be open via invitation. It will take place on the 16th of January at CASIS. It will begin at 1030am, and finish by 5pm. The location is the “Al-Ghazali Meeting Room” at the CASIS building of the University Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Campus.