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#CENTHRA with friends from #CONCERN made a visit to Kg Lok Poring Indah to the Madrasah Al-Istiqomah where it houses 31 boys who are in various conditions of being stateless. These boys are taught religious studies and some of them are actually hafiz (those who memorise the Qur’an).

The second visit was to Madrasah Tarbiyatun Nisa in Kampung Dungun where it houses girls and provide them with not only Islamic studies but also skills training in various disciplines ranging from Bahasa Melayu to English, culinary, farming, computer literature, as well as activism that cultivates in them the necessary traits that will help expand opportunities for their future.

These children represents hope not only for their families but for their larger communities.

#Stateless #children should not be left forgotten as they are also part of #Malaysia’s community who makes up the nation’s identity.

#CENTHRA reaches out to address #stateless #children #education through it’s Community Leadership Empowerment Initiative #CLEAN with partners who are #CONCERN with the future of our nation’s children. All for a #BetterTomorrow #UPR3 #UPR3MALAYSIA #universaleducation #basichumanrights

Credit for some of these photos go to Cikgu Jumat Salleh

Source – Centhra Facebook Page