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#CENTHRA participated in an informal consultation organised by UPR Info on 13 – 14 July 2021. The consultations provided a constructive space to deliberate over the impact of a coalition among Civil Society Organisations (#CSOs).

Participants include civil society representatives, including NGOS, NHRIs, parliamentarians, and academics.

Matters discussed included the extent of which marginalised groups are represented in #UPR consultations, how have the authorities participated in the UPR processes, how changes to procedures due to the pandemic have facilitated CSO participation in the UPR, and how these will be integrated, if at all—in the long-term.

On the second day, participants exchanged views on the theme “Good Practices on Implementation: The Role of States”.

The objective of the consultations is to encourage effective engagement in the 4th cycle of the UPR.

UPR remains CENTHRA’s core business and our activists’ involvement in this mechanism since 2013 speaks volumes of our commitment to continue providing input from the Islamic point of view, defending the Federal Constitution, and pushing forth issues which are close to our hearts; namely the refugees, rights of stateless children, and the marginalised.

As a committed participant of the UPR, CENTHRA looks forward to strengthening our involvement and work towards capacity building when Malaysia’s 4th cycle comes in 2023.

CENTHRA is encouraged by the collaboration and the responses at the consultation. We look forward to a more concerted effort in pushing forward the interests of the Malaysian UPR.

Source – Centhra Facebook Page