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#CENTHRA offers its sincere greetings and congratulations to our #Malaysian nation this #Merdeka, with tremendous pride in our people, our government, and the enduring stamina of our national solidarity.

This past year we have struggled together to confront the crisis of Covid-19 and all its residual challenges. As a nation and as a state, we have supported one another, nurtured one another, protected one another; tended to our sick together, and saw to each other’s needs with a noble spirit of selflessness and sacrifice.

We have weathered the blows of an unprecedented health crisis, an economic drought, and political upheaval; all while preserving the sanctity of our sovereignty and the dignity of our Constitution.

Malaysians can truly lift our country’s flag with pride this Merdeka, with a collective salute to every individual citizen whose commitment to the cohesion, stability, and shared prosperity of our nation continue to carry #Malaysia bravely forward into the future.

Source – Centhra Facebook Page