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As part of our continuous initiatives for the #UPR, #CENTHRA has put a lot of our efforts towards the basic right for the #statelesss and marginalized communities in Malaysia.

Along with #YAPEIM, #Zer0Hunger, our Sabah CSO #JPPK #OTK partners and other local NGOs, we visited those who were hit by the pandemic the hardest at the Skim Penempatan Kinarut Laut, and Kampung Diyung, both near Kinarut, Sabah on 17 September 2021.

These impacted families are made of Malaysians as well as stateless fishermen and labor workers whose means of living range from the limited to the non-existent since the overlong pandemic.

The UPR mechanism provides a distinct opportunity for NGOs like CENTHRA to address the neglect suffered by stateless communities and to promote the realisation of the right to a nationality for all. This has been CENTHRA’s aim since its active involvement in the issue of stateless persons for many years now.

#uprmalaysia #statelesss #Statelessness

Source – Centhra Facebook Page