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#CENTHRA’s founder Azril Mohd Amin today received a courtesy call from the Rohingya Society of Malaysia (#RSM) led by its president, Faisal Islam and Secretary General, Rahmat Abdul Karim.

Earlier this year, CENTHRA cooperated with RSM in launching our CENTHRA Leadership Empowerment Programme or #CLEAN, which saw two batches of Rohingya community leaders undergoing a special traning session designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge in order to overcome the hardship and challenges faced by them by the inculcation of leadership, the team spirit and the ability to manage their personal and social affairs on behalf of themselves, their families and the wider Rohingya community in Malaysia.

#CLEAN is CENTHRA’s flagship programme designed to equip refugees with the requisite skills for work and economic contribution, management of personal and social affairs as well as overcoming language and cultural skills to integrate with citizens of their host nation, in particular our nation of Malaysia.

#CENTHRA looks forward to future cooperation with RSM in the provision of further programmes such as the likes of #CLEAN and the joint resolution of any issues that arise pertaining to the Rohingya community in Malaysia, particularly in their affairs with national authorities post #Covid19 as well as working with other refugee communities throughout Malaysia.

Source – Centhra Facebook Page